Social partnership in the development of human resources

The goal is to establish cooperation in the development of human resources, harmonize trends in the public and private sectors in this direction, develop modern standards, and cooperate in the implementation of various projects.

At the meeting, the heads of the department, I.Kurbanov and B.Alimov, presented the issues of implementing a meritocracy system in the state civil service, coordinating personnel work in government agencies and organizations, as well as ongoing work towards the development of human resources and human resources potential.

In turn, the executive director of the Association G. Urmanova and a member of the organization Yu. Yakovleva introduced the activities of the organization.

It was noted that the meeting became a useful communication platform for both sides, and an agreement was reached to sign a memorandum containing a future plan and specific measures for effective cooperation in the formation of the "People's Civil Service".
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